The Power of the Powerless


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DVD & CD-ROM Educational Version 2.0

(For colleges, universities, and public screenings)

$249.95 (Please add 8.75% sales tax for all purchases made in California)

The Power of the Powerless DVD

  • 78 minute version (NTSC)
  • 58 minute version (NTSC)
  • If you need a PAL DVD send request to

40 minutes of Extras

  • Never before seen interview with Václav Havel
  • The Role of Young People
  • Contrary Opinions on Havel’s Impact
  • Prague City Guide to the Velvet Revolution
  • A City Remembers November 17th
  • A Keg of Plum Brandy (additional scene)
  • Deleted Scenes Montage
  • Director’s Comments
  • Theatrical Trailer

CD-ROM Teacher Support Materials

The Power of the Powerless Commemorative Color Booklet

  • Historical Overview by Paul Wilson
  • Excerpts from Václav Havel’s 1978 Essay: The Power of the Powerless
  • Timeline
  • Maps: Europe, Czech Republic & Slovakia
  • Prague City Guide to the Velvet Revolution
  • Prague – “Mother of Cities” (photo montage)
  • Recommended Reading from the Filmmakers
  • Biographies of Key Individuals in The Power of the Powerless
  • The Making of The Power of the Powerless

For use by colleges, universities, and community organizations under the following conditions:

1. This DVD can only be shown on the property of the DVD purchaser. If no admission is charged, it can be shown to its membership unlimited times, i.e. formal college classes, club members, nonprofits.

2. Screenings can be publicized to the general public in the local community up to three times per year and up to 125 people per screening. For information about licensing more than three public screenings a year or licensing a public screening to more than 125 people, please contact us at

3. Not licensed for IP server applications. To register a license for putting this disc on a central server, please contact us at

NOTE: Educational Version 1.0 and Educational Version 2.0 are the same product with the licensing and packaging being the only difference.

The Power of the Powerless
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